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The British Neuropsychiatry Association 28th AGM
4–6 February 2015, London, UK
The British Neuropsychiatry Association will meet in London to examine the latest developments and opinions surrounding encephalitis, cognition and more.

International Neuropsychological Society 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM)
4–7 February 2015, Denver, USA
The 2015 International Neuropsychological Society AGM, entitled ‘Networks, Connectivity and Neuropsychology’, will cover cutting-edge research and its implications for clinical practice across a variety of topics, including traumatic brain injury, ADHD, dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, language, social cognition, sleep apnea, errorless learning, dementia, and neuroimaging methods.



Swedish Psychiatric Congress 2015
11–15 March 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden

More details to follow soon.

23rd European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2015)
28–31 March 2015, Vienna, Austria
The theme, ‘Excellence in Psychiatry across Europe: Practice, Education, Research’, at the 2015 EPA congress aims to promote the latest developments in the diagnosis, research and treatment of psychiatry and neuropsychiatry.

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British Neuroscience Association’s Festival of Neuroscience
12–15 April 2015, Edinburgh, UK
Over 250 UK and international speakers will address cutting-edge topics across eight neuroscience research areas, including development; sensory and motor systems; and learning, memory and cognition to name a few.

Autism, ADHD and Developmental Disabilities through the Lifespan – Biological and Environmental Perspectives
12–19 April 2015, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Designed specifically for practising doctors, nurses and psychologists, this week-long course focuses in particular on the impacts, diagnosis and treatment of autism, ADHD and developmental disabilities in both children and adults.

XXVII National Congress of the Spanish Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SEPYPNA)
17–18 April 2015, Valladolid, Spain
Titled ‘The group and the relationship others in the psychological development of children and adolescents: psychotherapeutic implications’, the 27th SEPYPNA Congress will address an array of topics including innovation in the therapeutic development and assessment of drugs, and developmental perspectives in neuropsychopharmacology.

IV International Congress on Dual Pathology of the
Spanish Society of Dual Pathology (SSDP)
17–20 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain
This four-day event will address themes such as the etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and therapeutics of dual disorders, from molecular biology to clinical practice and prevention strategies to recovery programmes. ADHD is a prominent theme in this year’s congress, with topics such as ‘Management of substance use disorders in patients with ADHD’; ‘Differential characteristics in adults in ‘ADHD’ due to different types of substances (DSU)’; ‘ADHD as a causal factor in Dual Disorders’; and ‘Multimodal approaches for ADHD and Dual Disorders’ being covered during the congress.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Conference
28–30 April 2015, Birmingham, UK
Themes of advocating for children through improving health services and science and research, and international child health advocacy, run through this three-day conference and AGM.

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20th International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children (APPAC)
19–22 May 2015, Athens, Greece
ADHD is a major theme of this year’s APPAC conference as are counselling and family therapy and comorbidities in psychiatric conditions.

5th World Congress on ADHD of the World Federation of ADHD
28–31 May 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
This four-day event will address a wide variety of scientific topics concerning ADHD. The content will be delivered through interactive seminars, meet-the-experts sessions, plenary symposia, debates, workshops and more.

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1st Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN)
20–23 June 2015, Berlin, Germany
The EAN was founded in 2014 when the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) and the European Neurological Society (ENS) joined forces. The first congress of the EAN welcomes neurologists, neuroscientists and other related specialists to discuss the latest developments in child and developmental neurology.

16th International European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) Congress
20–24 June 2015, Madrid, Spain
2015 sees the return of ESCAP’s biannual congress. This five-day event provides a platform for sharing new research results, skills, knowledge and clinical experience in child psychiatry.

17th The World Psychiatry Association (WPA) International Congress 2015
24–27 June 2015, Bucharest, Romania
The theme for the 2015 WPA International Congress will be ‘Primary Care Mental Health: Innovation and Transdisciplinarity’. There will be a focus on the identification of primary care mental health challenges and opportunities across Central, Southeast Europe and Eurasia, the benefits of mental health and public health integration and the comparison of best practice to enhance access, quality and sustainability of health for all.

International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych)
29 June – 2 July 2015, Birmingham, UK
Training workshops on policy, clinical skills, holistic treatment, and communications and technology are among those to be given at the 2015 RCPsych congress.

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2015 Summer Meeting of the British Association of Psychopharmacology (BAP)
26–29 July 2015, Bristol, UK
Use and abuse of novel psychoactive substances, bi-polar disorder, and the role of synaptic proteins in schizophrenia and related neurodevelopemental disorders are just some of the topics to be considered at this three-day conference.

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28th Congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
29 August – 1 September 2015, Amsterdam, Holland
This four-day event will cover topics such as addiction, anxiety disorders and child and adolescent disorders and treatment.

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29th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS)
1–5 September 2015, Limassol, Cyprus
The 2015 EHPS conference is centred on general health and its longevity, in accordance with the theme ‘Principles of Behaviour Change in Health and Illness’. Psychologists will convene for a symposium of the latest research in a number of specialities, including developmental health and illness, and psychophysiology.

111th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ)
2–5 September 2015, Munich, Germany
The DGKJ annual conference focuses this year on nutrition, immunosuppression and multi-resistant germs. Key issues will include new diagnostic methods and pharmacotherapy in children. Additionally, there will be workshops for the enhancement of practical knowledge, symposia and active discussion of current issues in the field.

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More details to follow soon.

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Selected Topics in Pediatrics and Developmental Pediatrics
8–15 November 2015, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
This week-long course will focus on topics aiming to provide context for the diagnosis and management of both general paediatric conditions and developmental disabilities in children. Included is an update on the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, as well as medication management in young children with ADHD.

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More details to follow soon.

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