outreach programme structure

continuum outreaches programme structure

Continuum aims to provide the highest standards of educational offerings to all healthcare professionals who wish to improve their ADHD patient outcomes. By establishing a peer-to-peer network of highly experienced doctors, the Continuum outreach programme will also provide opportunities for local support and mentorship.


Continuum Members

  • Healthcare professionals, primarily psychiatrists (child/adolescent and adult) or paediatricians, who work with ADHD patients or other healthcare professionals who have an interest in the therapy area can register to become a Continuum member.
  • Continuum Members can receive training from the National Educators on specific aspects of ADHD treatment in small roundtable meetings. National Educators will use the Continuum educational materials flexibly and creatively to tailor each meeting to the needs of the Continuum members attending each meeting.


National Educators

  • The Continuum National Educators will be experienced practitioners with a special interest the ADHD field, who will receive training from their local National Faculty member.
  • Following their training, National Educators will lead small local roundtable meetings using clinically pragmatic CME-accredited Continuum materials for 5–10 Continuum members.
  • National Educators will deliver the Continuum curriculum in small, interactive meetings that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and focus on group discussion and tackling local issues.


National Faculties

  • The National Faculties consist of 5–7 national experts in ADHD treatment within each country, who have worked with the Steering Committee to adapt educational materials for local use according to guidelines, legislation and current practice.
  • They will also provide training, support and guidance to the National Educators.


Steering Committee

At the head of the network is the Continuum Steering Committee, a panel of five European leaders in the ADHD field with significant experience in clinical, research and medical training.

  • Using their expertise, the Steering Committee have designed a global curriculum and a set of core education modules for the Continuum programme, addressing the needs identified by a clinical practice assessment survey.
  • They have also worked with the National Faculty to customise the programme for local use in the pilot countries, Germany, Spain and Sweden.