Nutrition in ADHD

Nutrition in ADHD:  Having conversations in your clinic

Interest in omega supplementation is growing among patients with ADHD and their families. These supplements may present a non-pharmacological approach to treat ADHD, and evidence suggests some patients benefit from omega supplementation as part of their ADHD management regimen.

While it should be stressed that guideline-based psychosocial and pharmacological management is the gold standard, healthcare professionals must be prepared to discuss omega supplementation with patients and their carers.

These multimedia resources can help prepare HCPs for questions about omega supplementation and provide talking points for facilitating those conversations.

These resources include:


Download this PDF to read up on the FAQs of patients and their carers when it comes to omega-3s in the management of ADHD, information for responding to these questions, and strategies for engaging the conversation. Click here.




Experts in ADHD management offer their thoughts on topics from the role of omega supplementation in current ADHD management to the future of research. View the five short videos below.

Introduction: the role of omega supplementation in ADHD
An overview of the safety and effectiveness of omega supplements, how they might be used, and why patients and families are seeking answers to these questions

The data: evidence on using omega supplements in ADHD
Insights into the studies on omega supplements in the management of ADHD, the implications for their results, and how future research can be improved

In use: alternative or complement?
Considerations for effective management of ADHD symptoms, and the rationale for considering omega supplementation

Discussion: patient interest in and FAQs about omega supplementation
Thoughts on why families are more aware of using omega supplementation in the management of ADHD, and strategies for advising them and managing their expectations

Outlook: the future of omega supplementation in ADHD management
Observations on how omega supplementation in ADHD management is changing, how future trials should be designed, and how to ensure families understand nutrition in the context of ADHD


Experts from the USA, Australia and South Africa join to provide a more global perspective on the use of omega supplementation in the management of ADHD. Click ‘play’ above, or download here to listen later.