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Improve your ADHD practice with Continuum’s roundtable meetings

  • Continuum’s expert-designed educational curriculum is delivered via a network of National Educators in local, interactive, roundtable meetings
  • Specifically designed to help you to create real change in your clinical practice, Continuum’s peer-to-peer roundtable meetings:
    • Will use CME-accredited Continuum materials
    • Are built on a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to your individual learning style
    • Focus on discussion and interactivity, to enhance learning
    • Tackle local issues
    • Are practically focused

Continuum roundtable meetings will begin in Germany, Spain and Sweden in summer 2014.

How to find a local Continuum roundtable meeting

  • Continuum Members have access to a unique, members-only online system where you can:
    • Browse for local Continuum roundtable meetings.
    • Assess your educational needs to get the most out of Continuum for you and your patients.
    • Request or register for roundtable meetings that address your educational needs and interests.


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