Free ADHD online courses – child and adult curricula


Continuum’s new free ADHD online courses for healthcare professionals provide a fantastic educational opportunity to those who diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults with ADHD.

The comprehensive curriculum has been developed by experts in ADHD, focusing on real-world clinical challenges that you may encounter in your clinical practice, with the overarching aim of improving outcomes for patients with ADHD.

The Continuum ADHD online courses have been developed with different learning styles in mind, helping you to engage with them whatever your learning preference. Amongst the modules, the content has been interspersed with interactive exercises and case studies, helping you to test your new-found knowledge as you progress through each module.

Continuum's free ADHD online course - adult      Continuum's free ADHD online course - child

ADHD online course curricula

The two in-depth ADHD online courses take a flexible approach to education on the principles of child, adolescent and adult ADHD management.  They follow an active, blended approach to learning by presenting the educational content using a combination of imagery, audio and video formats integrated with numerous interactive activities. The educational curricula, developed by internationally recognised experts in the ADHD field, will specifically address all aspects of diagnosing and treating patients with ADHD and discuss real-world challenges.

Individualised online education in ADHD 
As with Continuum’s current peer-to-peer education programme, our ADHD online courses allow participants to tailor their education pathway by completing pre-module assessments that will identify their true unmet learning needs. Subsequent post-module assessments will measure improvements and practice changes resulting from the education. This exciting new eLearning opportunity will provide healthcare professionals with the tools to improve their ADHD practice in a unique and interactive environment.

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