ADHD online course: child and adolescent curriculum


The Continuum child and adolescent ADHD online course aims to cover all aspects of diagnosing and treating child and adolescent patients with ADHD. The course begins by providing a general overview of ADHD in children and adolescents, including its history, possible causes and risk factors. In our online course and associated modules, you will be guided through in-depth material about initial screening, the diagnostic process, planning and administering high-quality multimodal treatment, and how to recognise and manage comorbidities.

ADHD treatment best practice

By taking these modules, you will learn about all aspects of best practice in managing your child and adolescent patients with ADHD. This includes how to develop and build therapeutic relationships not only with your patients, but also with their families; how to individualise treatment; and about transitioning your patients to adult care, when appropriate, to be sure their treatment is not disrupted.

ADHD online course – real-world challenges

This comprehensive online course and curriculum has been developed by experts in ADHD, focusing on real-world clinical challenges that you may encounter in your clinical practice, with the overarching aim of improving outcomes for children and adolescents with ADHD.

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