educational curriculum

Improve your ADHD practice with Continuum

Continuum’s educational curriculum aims to address real-world clinical challenges and improve ADHD patient management. Specifically designed to go beyond just sharing information in didactic lectures, the curriculum is built on flexible, interactive materials, which allow a completely individualised approach to education and aim to bring about real change in clinical practice.

Continuum’s outreach programme delivers this curriculum, developed by ADHD experts, through a network of trained ADHD educators.

The Continuum curriculum

Continuum’s curriculum is founded on six educational modules. Each module is designed to achieve key learning objectives that will change clinical practice and improve patient outcomes. The learning objectives were developed by the Steering Committee to address ADHD management needs identified in the Continuum needs assessment survey:

  • An introduction to ADHD
  • Diagnosing ADHD
  • Planning high-quality care
  • Comprehensive care and individualising treatment for children and adolescents
  • Comprehensive care and individualising treatment for adults
  • Treating ADHD alongside comorbidities


The modules are enhanced by the use of an interactive manual, which provides activities for further group learning and discussion.

CME accreditation

  • Continuum’s educational modules (used by National Educators during the roundtable meetings) have been CME accredited by the European Accreditation Committee in CNS (EACIC).
  • To earn CME points, learners will complete an online assessment pre- and post-meeting. One CME credit will be awarded for each hour of meeting attendance.


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