Continuum adult eLearning curriculum now live

March 13th, 2015

Continuum’s first adult eLearning module is now up and running and can be accessed for free by any healthcare professional who registers with Continuum.

Understanding adult ADHD: when ADHD children grow up’ is the first of five modules dedicated solely to diagnosing and treating adult patients with ADHD. This module serves as a comprehensive introduction for negotiating the complexities of adult ADHD in clinical practice.


What does it cover?
Like our first child and adolescent module, ‘Understanding adult ADHD’ begins by providing a solid background to ADHD in general, covering its natural history, prevalence and relevant diagnostic criteria. The remainder of the module considers ADHD in adults, examining the clinical evidence, prevalence and the impairments experienced by patients during different stages of adulthood. This module also considers the unique health challenges ADHD poses to adults and its impact on different domains of adult life.

Interactive features
Like all Continuum’s eLearning modules, ‘Understanding adult ADHD’ uses a blended learning approach to appeal to a broad range of learning styles, making use of interactive exercises, text, audio and video formats, as well as pre- and post-module assessment questions to bring you practical and stimulating education at the touch of a button.

Who is it for?
Given the wide scope of this module, it is suitable for most healthcare professionals including psychiatrists, general practitioners and psychologists of all levels and other healthcare professionals working with adults. Less experienced healthcare professionals may find this module of particular benefit.

To take this exciting new module and to benefit from all of Continuum’s education, register here now!