CME accreditation for Continuum’s roundtable meetings

June 5th, 2014

Continuum is pleased to announce that the roundtable meetings have received CME accreditation from the European Accreditation Committee in CNS (EACIC) for all content covered in the meetings, meaning that participants will receive 1 credit per hour of meeting attendance. Furthermore, credits can also be claimed for taking post-meeting assessments. To claim their credits, learners will be asked to complete an online evaluation form, available through the Continuum Outreach Management System.

EACIC was established to encourage the development of high-quality CME in CNS (mainly neuropsychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology) throughout Europe, although EACIC CME credits are widely recognised across Europe and the US. The central purpose of EACIC is to ensure that CME plays an important role in the process of helping healthcare workers to provide improved standards to their patients.

To demonstrate effectiveness of the outreach programme  and to gauge the level at which change can impact on clinical practice, Continuum has devised an assessment system, which asks participants about their medical practices and care of patients both pre- and post-meeting.

Participants take the assessment prior to attending a Continuum roundtable meeting and are also given the opportunity to repeat the assessment at 1 month and 3 months after the meeting.  The pre- and post-meeting questions form an important metric for measuring the long-term success of Continuum’s education. The results of the post-meeting component are critical for Continuum to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the educational content and therefore, play a critical role in helping to maintain Continuum’s commitment to high levels of individualised education.

The roundtable meetings mark the final stage of Continuum’s outreach programme. It is being delivered to learners primarily made up of psychiatrists or paediatricians who work with ADHD patients and other healthcare professionals who have an interest in the therapy area and are based in Sweden, Spain or Germany. The meetings themselves are up to 3 hours in length, catering for 3–8 people, with the aim of facilitating a quality peer-to-peer learning environment. Currently, learners can request meetings to be organised through Continuum’s specially-designed Outreach Management System. If you are a registered healthcare professional and would like to find your local Continuum roundtable meeting, click here.