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Recent study supports link between brain injury and ADHD

A recent study has demonstrated a link between lifetime traumatic brain injury (TBI) and ADHD in adults, further implicating a relationship between the two conditions. Over the last 15 years, a number of papers have reported ADHD to be either a consequence of or a potential risk factor for TBI. However, the majority of the […]

ADHD may delay diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder

A recent US study has found that children with both autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD may be at increased risk of having the diagnosis of their ASD significantly delayed. This is thought to be at least partly attributable to both conditions harbouring a number of shared symptoms. The research, which was carried out on […]

Hyperactivity in ADHD may be a compensation mechanism rather than a core symptom

A US study has found that hyperactivity in children with ADHD may be a compensation mechanism to help neurocognitive functioning, rather than a core deficit contributing to impairments. Researchers at the Center for Advancement of Youth in Jackson, Mississippi, compared 29 8–12-year-old boys diagnosed with ADHD with 23 typically developing boys of the same age. […]

Early childhood intervention for conduct problems improves outcomes in adulthood

A long-term, multimodal intervention for children with early-onset conduct problems has been shown to reduce negative outcomes and psychopathology in adulthood, including substance abuse, criminality and antisocial personality disorder. The multi-centre Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group study was conducted across 55 schools in four US states. The researchers assigned 891 4–6 year olds with conduct […]

Continuum adult eLearning curriculum now live

Continuum’s first adult eLearning module is now up and running and can be accessed for free by any healthcare professional who registers with Continuum. ‘Understanding adult ADHD: when ADHD children grow up’ is the first of five modules dedicated solely to diagnosing and treating adult patients with ADHD. This module serves as a comprehensive introduction […]