about continuum

Continuum – Evolution in ADHD

As patients’ needs evolve through their ADHD journeys, so must their clinical management. Continuum is supporting people at the front line of ADHD treatment to provide quality care for patients throughout their development into adulthood and for as long as they need it.

Led by a Steering Committee and Scientific Committee of several leaders in the ADHD field, Continuum aims to drive change in clinical practice by providing the highest standards of education to all who wish to improve their ADHD patient outcomes. Using their unparalleled expertise, the Steering and Scientific Committees have created a series of global, innovative and interactive educational materials for the Continuum programme.


  • Continuum’s new global eLearning series has two separate curricula – one covering the management of ADHD in children and adolescents, and the other, adult management – which follow an active, blended approach to learning by presenting the educational content using a combination of text, audio and video formats integrated with interactive activities. Click here to find our more about our free ADHD online courses for clinicians.


By registering with Continuum you will become part of this exciting global programme. As well as gaining access to Continuum’s educational resources, you will be joining a global network of peers and experts through which you will be able to:

  • Engage with the latest evidence and best practice in ADHD treatment
  • Share your experiences with and seek advice from colleagues
  • Take part in CME-accredited meetings.


In line with Good CME Practice guidelines, Continuum is run at arm’s length from the financial supporters and all content is created by the expert Steering and Scientific Committees and PCM Scientific, the education company acting as secretariat. Funded by an educational grant from Shire Pharmaceuticals.