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New: Omega 3s in ADHD

What do you tell your patients about the role of omega 3s in ADHD management?

Download the ‘Conversations in your clinic’ leaflet for comprehensive guidance and strategies for answering patients’ and families’ FAQs about omega supplementation. Access the leaflet

Straight from the experts

Visit the ‘Conversations in your clinic’ resource to watch world-leading experts answering FAQs such as:

  • What is the evidence for using omega supplements in the management of ADHD?
  • Why is patient interest growing about omega supplements, and what questions do they ask?

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You can also listen to a podcast featuring international thought-leaders on how omega supplementation features in the management of ADHD.

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New: Continuum publication

2017 saw eight internationally based experts in ADHD management come together for the Continuum Education Board to review evidence on the role of omega supplementation in ADHD management.

Read the published article detailing the consensus of the Education Board meeting, plus recommendations on how to provide optimal management strategies for your patients with ADHD.

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the steering committee speaks

The Steering Committee members speak about Continuum

Continuum's Steering Committee members speak about their hopes for the initiative and their vision to improve the quality of care for ADHD patients.

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needs assessment

In 2012, European healthcare professionals completed the Continuum needs assessment survey. Continuum’s Steering Committee has since generated a comprehensive index of current treatment practice and is now designing nationally-tailored CME programmes. However, the Steering Committee still wants physicians like you to add to the international understanding of current practice by sparing 30 minutes of your day to complete the survey.

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ADHD online courses

Continuum’s new free ADHD online courses for healthcare professionals provide a fantastic educational opportunity for those who diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults with ADHD.

Children/adolescent curriculum

The children/adolescent course guides effective screening of ADHD in children and appropriate treatment methods. You can also learn about effective communication strategies with patient caregivers when discussing management options, as well as how to tailor treatment regimens around common comorbidities.

Access child & adolescent eLearning modules

Adult course curriculum

The ADHD adult eLearning course provides insight into supporting patients from their transition from child to adult services and an understanding of new needs. The course also looks at the importance of psychoeducation, how to continually refine treatment goals and introduces guideline-based strategies for the orderly management of ADHD alongside comorbid conditions.

Access the adult eLearning modules

Each eLearning module contains:

  • educational content with a practical focus on real world challenges
  • virtual patient case studies
  • clinically-focussed interactive exercises
  • interactive video role-plays


Register now to start your unique, personalised learning journey, shaped by your own educational needs identified in each module’s pre-assessment.